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NEW ADDRESS [digital]

€ 12,50 (inclusief 21% btw)

These cards will be customized with your new address on the door of this cute moving car. Please make sure you order only 1 card!
The illustration of this super cute Van is a LotsDots original, hand drawn.

Use these heart warming cards to tell your contacts you moved to a new place. By email. You can have your new address put on the card. You will receive your card as a .jpg-file for you to send to all your contacts. Easy peasy. No stamps, just insert the jpg in your email and hit Send.

Please shoot us an email at for any additional questions.

For copyrights sake the images in the webshop show the Lotsdots logo and the website address quite prominently. This will not be the case on your cards. We will have a subtile copyright line on the card though.

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NEW ADDRESS New Address:
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